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Benjamin Wittorf is a generalist, strategist and futurologist, and supports entrepreneurs with his extensive knowledge as well as tactical and strategic insight approaches to meet their responsibility for the day after tomorrow.

What has happened so far, among other things

He was the youngest member of a working group at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, a Kung Fu master and a Tetrinet vice world champion ▫ One of the first German online communities was founded by him ▫ For the World Youth Meeting he co-represented Germany in Japan ▫ He produced one of the first digital number one albums in Germany as well as probably the first soundtrack to a book ▫ His claim in musical design got him an entry in the IMDb ▪

For the director of one of Europe’s largest private banks at the time, and some of his confidants, he lectured on new technologies and implementations ▫ He digitized one of the world’s most important visual artists into the 21st century ▫ He developed the customer database for a bank in Cologne, was responsible for pan-European reporting in Paris, developed financial products in London, and worked out pan-European marketing concepts in Milan ▪

He helped implement medical RDT for cytology labs in Germany, and handled IT security at a dialysis center in Wuppertal ▫ He co-developed and executed a interregionally known event series ▫ In Frankfurt am Main, he added procurement functionality to Germany’s most important mid-market software ▪

He financed his studies by working for an internationally active venture capitalist, for whom he found and evaluated start-ups and companies ▫ For one of the world’s largest logistics service providers, he helped develop the reporting tool for the board ▪

He was involved in the US intelligence community ▫ He was a member of a society for information risk analysis ▫ The German Armed Forces wanted to send him to Afghanistan as an intercultural consultant ▪

For the automotive industry, he prepared safety audits, and for his merits, Shanhaiguan, a part of the Great Wall of China, was exclusively closed for viewing for him ▫ He ran a functional fitness box and prepared Germany as a franchise location for a European self-defense service provider ▪

His “memory wall” features thank-you letters from people whose lives he has fundamentally impacted through conversations with him; he has been a confidant for victims of abuse and rape, and has supported people diagnosed with hepatitis during their studies ▪

He has had many exciting encounters, such as celebrating trials of courage with Bedouins in the desert and drinking absinthe ▫ With his own art project, he has collaborated with a monastery, among others ▫ Currently, he is working on the side to translate one of the most important US military strategies into German ▪

As it is right now

His credo includes in particular openness, confidentiality and accountability.

Among other things, he publishes some of his findings in the form of his art project ÜBERSCHRIFTEN. You can find what he reads in his reading list, and what he works with in his tools.

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