People, ideas, hardware – in that order. Benjamin Wittorf


I help entrepreneurs to improve the quality of their thinking and to realize their standards by accompanying them in their development with conversations and testing their personal responsibility. From time to time I implement the resulting projects.

The cooperation usually takes place over a period of at least one year in order to achieve results. It starts with an invitation—a chance to discover unexpected insights, trying out new ways of working, and clearing out corporate and personal baggage that is getting in the way.

In what is usually a monthly face-to-face and regular written exchange, my clients have the opportunity to experiment and learn in order to transfer insights into their business. While doing so, I provide consultation, facilitation, and guidance.

Over the past twenty years I have worked for companies and with clients and customers in a variety of industries, including arts, investment, e-commerce, and media. I usually work directly with CEOs, occasionally with executives, and rarely with ambitious individuals.

Clients usually find me through a referral (“You should talk to Ben”)—if you’re interested in cooperating with me, feel free to contact me directly.