Ein Brief an Ai WeiweiDüsseldorf (2019)


Dear Ai Weiwei,

I want to destroy your installation „Sunflower Seeds“ at the K20/K21 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I want to walk all over it. I will pretend like it doesn’t exist. I want to stand in the middle ground, have a look at the people watching in shock and disgust, and yell at them and ask what’s up and that they should mind their own business.

I’ll laugh at the Zodiacs surrounding it and claim everyone could have done so, and openly ask where the actual zodiac signs are that we all know.

I will be ignoring every sunflower seed. While doing this, I am going to have my Made in China electronic devices with me and will be wearing my Made in China clothes.

I want to destroy your installation. I want to act like it didn’t make me stop, like I didn’t have to look at it, like I didn’t see the walls. Like I didn’t have to think.

I must destroy your installation.

— Ben