Hey. Hi. 嘿。

Hey, my name is Benjamin Wittorf – call me Ben. I am an author and artist, and I implement interdisciplinary projects. Currently, I mainly engage in evolutionary research and corresponding development approaches for humanity; with hypermodernity and metamodern societal models.

In the process, I always enjoy learning interesting things and above all, meeting new people. So let me hear from you! Send me an email, drop by on Discord, or say hello on Bluesky.


Please note: these are in German.

With my ÜBERSCHRIFTEN, my intention is nothing less than to get you to think about yourself. They are designed to invite you to take a break: An opportunity to pause and reflect, which helps you to see your environment and yourself with new eyes and gain a new perspective.

My personal blog is Hypercube/One – with content since October 1998. Over time, my personal context has evolved towards evolution. The description sounds more exotic than it probably is: I explore various perspectives, and topics include local and global issues, psychology, technology consequences, and something to do with arrows of time. As it were, parallel worlds.

I maintain the official German-language version of John Boyd’s OODA loop strategy. The OODA loop is the cycle of Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. The approach explains how agility can overcome raw power.